Affordable Skin Goodies


These skin goodies are literally my HOLY GRAIL at the moment. As some of you know, I have combo skin, mostly dry with a oily T Zone and some discoloration on my cheeks. I need to sometimes change my routine and products just so my skin will behave and right now these three skin goodies are doing the trick for me. I purchased these products from Ross and the 99 Cent Store. All three products were $14 in total! but of course that was because I found them in the stores right away! As you now when you go to Ross or the 99 whatever is there most of the time isn’t there the next day, I did however find them all on amazon and will link them in this post.  So let’s get in depth about these products because I have been using them. Going left to right, the Benzac Blemish Clearing Hydrator works wonders for my dark spots that I have on my cheeks, I only place this product there and I use it 3 times a week twice a day. It has a strong medicated smell and you only need a full drop on the area. It has cleared up my cheeks quite a bit, they are still there but not as prominent as before. The next skin goodie I want to talk about is the Advance Clinicals Tea Tree Oil, I use this everyday, twice a day. I love this product because it does what it says, it clears redness and bumps. I use this on my cheeks as well and I know its a oil but it is a dry oil so it isn’t going to clog my pores like a heavy oil would and it smells delightful and it’s extremely soothing. Saving the best for last! The Holistic Remedy Hyaluronic Acid Facial Creme with green tea, OMG! seriously the best facial creme I have used so far! It has a rich thick creamy consistancy and you literally only need less than a dime size amount to cover your whole face. This is so exciting to me because when you have dry skin you want something that will keep your face moisturized all day and night and this for me is the trick. Alright loves! I know that was a lot of info but I hope you enjoyed and I hope this can help someone. Until next time!


xo Bradley