Facial Heaven


So, I am a full on face mask junkie! They smell so yummy and most of the time are wonders on the skin. I stopped at Walmart to grab these babies and I am so excited to use them! Anything from Shea Moisture I all ready know it will be great. Shea Moisture is one of those brands I have just fallen in love with and trust . The Yes to brand is a brand I am still trying to figure out if I like or not but I feel I will! Anything with charcoal in it I get excited about. Also! I am a face mask junkie (proud of it!) I do only get ones that will be beneficial to my skin. With that being said, don’t just grab anything and everything because you don’t want to risk your skin getting irritated or what not. For me , I need something to clear up my dark spots, hydrate and moisturize my skin because I get super dry and not too oily. These were 2 for $5 at Walmart ( I bought two yes to charcoal masks) so go and check your local Walmart for these babies. I will be posing a review on each mask more in depth on how I like it. Until next time!


xo Bradley