Casual Slay

Hey loves,

I know it’s been a minute but I have this casual slay for you! The last week has been hell for me because I missed almost a week of work because I had sciatica and my back was in shambles. I am not all the way better but better enough to do my makeup and take cute photos. I should be fully healed by the beginning of next week. There is this bombDOTcom girl named Sacha who has a clothing line by the name of FOC  and the clothing gives me street bad bish vibes and is for the thick big girls. That is where my shirt THEBADDEST is from. I paired it with some old Lane Bryant leggings that I made into shorts and some Birkenstocks like shoes. I know my cutting skills are wack, let me live! My makeup will be posted in a separate blog because I finally found a better natural makeup look and I want to go more in-depth in that later.  Anyways enjoy the photos!