My Weekend with some Instagram baddies who are more than just their profiles

Hey Loves!

This weekend was filled with so much fun! I haven’t had fun like this in a very long time. I got to hang out with really cool girls that I’ve followed on social media (Ciera Rogers, Chriss ZoeQishanda La’reeAlexandra Safir), my best friend Taylor, and my friend Chris that I haven’t hung out with last year. So the girls had a meet and greet with an emphasis on talking about business which was amazing since I’m starting my own business and I feel like if there is someone in your field of interest who you consider to have made it and they are offering to share information, YOU BETTA GO GET IT SIS!Photo Mar 17, 10 25 59 PMI can’t lie, I was nervous to meet them because it’s like meeting someone you always see but have never spoken to if that makes sense. I already had a feeling that they would be really sweet girls but when I met them, they were super super sweeties! I got so much info and inspo from them and their mom Zoe who is a stylish spiritual lady, which is something I adore! Since starting my online business there has been many ups and downs, and I’m learning so much every day.It’s been hard to get myself out there since I’m pretty much a “no body” when it comes to social media, so i’m building everything from the ground up.Photo Mar 17, 4 10 11 PM.jpgI’m going to keep it positive and push through though. The thing that I love about wanting to be an entrepreneur is the struggle, I love having to figure things out and learn for myself and just working hard for my family, future family and myself. One thing this weekend taught me is that there are still some nice people in Los Angeles ( hahah not even joking, so many fake ass people here) there are people out there who want to see you win, that you have to keep pushing, keep studying, keep hustling to get where you need to be in life, and take the opportunities that come for you but most important, keep that faith up for the High and Mighty, for whoever you believe in. Some of you know that I ‘m Christian and believe in God and I believe he doesn’t give me anything that I can’t handle.  Overall my weekend was lit and I had a good time.

Photo Mar 17, 3 52 46 PM

Photo Mar 17, 5 48 29 PM

Thanks ladies!



xo Bradley