I’m Back and I’m Better

Hi loves! Wow! I’m going to have to stop these hiatus runs haha how’ve you all been?! What’s the new tea? The last two months for me have been crazy, I’ve dealt with a mild depression, stress, fun times, good times, ok times. Now I’m in a place where I’m MUCH happier and I’m feeling more creative than ever! I’m so overwhelmed with the new traffic coming to my store Iman Evette; it’s exiting to see you guys loving what I’m offer which is more than fashion. Also, all the new makeup that’s out! I’m ready but my bank account isn’t hahah I’m really looking forward to getting the new Makeup Revolution foundation and larger concealer. They have to be my best drugstore brand to date! Along with NYX!

Ok babes I’m done rambling, hope you guys enjoyed this little chit chat. Let’s have a convo below!