Hey loves!

So as you know I love posting fashion content for all of my social media but especially for Instagram. For me it’s the adult version of dress up that you did when you were little. I’m here to give you some tips on how to create your own fashion content for Instagram if you find yourself having trouble and for the low low. You ready?!

Tip 1- No fancy camera needed

So if you have a smartphone (which most of us do, they even have super affordable ones on cricket, boost mobile and more!) then that’s your camera! Also grab a friend! Tell them you need them to be your awesome fashion photographer or if you don’t have someone, get a cheap tripod. You can find them online practically anywhere! I use my iPhone 7plus for my content and it works for what I need.

Tip 2- Use the outdoors

Having your photos taken outdoors using the natural light works so well for Instagram. People love seeing your surroundings and how you style your fits with them! Just be mindful of the light, try to take photos during the sunrise or sunset and if you’re going to take photos at night for one be safe! And two make sure you have a source of light next to you like a street lamp, traffic lights or a lit store building.

Tip 3- Wear what’s in your closet

Fashion is what YOU make it. I know sometimes we see people on the gram and we love their style but we either can’t afford what they have on or it’s something we think wouldn’t work well with ourselves. I say use people on the gram for inspo and if you can’t buy anything, use what’s in your closet. Mix and match some items in your current wardrobe that you would have never thought of mixing. Take that dress out that’s in the back of the closet that you haven’t worn in a year. As Tim Gunn says, “make it work”!

Tip 4- Practice your angles

I will have a more in depth post about angles soon but what I can say now is just practice in the mirror. How do you usually like to stand in photos? What’s your good side? Ask these questions and practice!

Tip 5- HAVE FUN!!!

Don’t take it too seriously where you’re not having fun. The idea is to post the content you want and can AND enjoy doing so. If you feel like you’re stressing out about content; take a step back, breathe and try again. Whatever you do, HAVE FUN!

Now this wouldn’t be a Bradleyevette post if I didn’t share some of my own content. Enjoy these recent fashion posts I did for Instagram this last week.

And if you’re not following me on instagram then what’s going on sis?! It’s the same username as this blog. See you later!